Trusted Status.

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A distinguished profile badge in the Impactr App.

Impactr awards Trusted Status to qualified users that genuinely align with our mission and purpose to create a better world.  To read more about our Trusted Status policy and how it works, please visit our knowledge base here.

How it works.

Endorsements vs. Likes

On Impactr, a "Like" from a Trusted User, counts as an "Endorsement".   Our algorithm prioritises Endorsements from Trusted Users, ensuring a virtuous and meaningful feed filled with genuine sustainable-actions that can be trusted to make the most impact.


Curious, skeptical, passionate, love to research!

Community of knowledgeable sustainability experts that endorse trusted brands and actions.  Experts come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important thing is dedication to putting truth into action.

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Social change and environmental action at the core of their missions!

Authentic, sustainable and ethical brands.  Trusted and loved by Impactr for standing up for right over wrong and genuinely being part of the solution to create a better world.

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Using their creative superpowers for good!

Impact Creators are inspiring others to take action and promoting trusted brands.  They direct our actions towards the most important causes using their engaging video creations!