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Each action has Action Counter that goes up each time someone does the action.


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A Community of Impactrs

Follow, interact, and collaborate with a like-minded community of Creators, Trusted Brands, Experts and Impactrs!

Real Actions.

Real Impact.

A social video-sharing platform where you can make an impact.

Watch, discover, and act on everyday actions that add together to make a collaborative global impact.

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The Ultimate Competition To Save The World

Compete worldwide with other

change-makers and make the most impact!

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User-Made Actions

Discover, create and share your sustainable action-videos.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Curated Trusted Brands

A place where sustainable, ethical brands can be discovered without the hassle.

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Track Your Impact

Your Impact Rings help you keep track of the actions you take, people you influence, and endorsements you gain.

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Stay updated via Instagram, Discord, and LinkedIn.

Join Impactr

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Chain re-Actions

Video-replies to your action are linked together in the feed.

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